Linux Business: Which Companies (Large & Small) Are Using It?

Published: Tuesday, August 04 2015 Written by Wikipedia
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Linux in business is used extensively on servers, and has been for a long time. Linux is also used in some corporate environments as the desktop platform for their employees, with commercially available solutions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, and Ubuntu.


  • Free I.T. Athens, founded in 2005 in Athens, Georgia, United States, is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing computers from landfills, recycling them or refurbishing them using Linux exclusively.[98]
  • Burlington Coat Factory has used Linux in business exclusively since 1999.[99]
  • Ernie Ball, known for its famous Super Slinky guitar strings, has used Linux as its desktop operating system since 2000.[100]
  • Novell is undergoing a migration from Windows to Linux in their business. Of its 5500 employees, 50% were successfully migrated as of April 2006. This was expected to rise to 80% by November.[101]
  • Wotif, the Australian hotel booking website, migrated from Windows to Linux servers to keep up with the growth of its business.[102]
  • Union Bank of California announced in January 2007 that it would standardize its IT infrastructure on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in order to lower costs.[103]
  • Peugeot, the European car maker, announced plans to deploy up to 20,000 copies of Novell's Linux desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, and 2,500 copies of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, in 2007.[104]
  • Mindbridge, a software company, announced in September 2007 that it had migrated a large number of Windows servers onto a smaller number of Linux servers and a few BSD servers. It claims to have saved "bunches of money."[105]
  • Virgin America, the low cost U.S. airline, uses Linux in their business to power its in-flight entertainment system, RED.[106]
  •, the US based mail-order retailer, uses Linux "in nearly every corner of its business".[107]
  • Google uses a version of Ubuntu internally nicknamed Goobuntu.[108][109][110][111]
  • IBM does extensive development work for Linux and also uses it on desktops and servers internally.[112] The company also created a TV advertising campaign: IBM supports Linux 100%.[113]
  • Wikipedia moved to running its servers on Ubuntu in late 2008, after having previously used a combination of Red Hat and Fedora.[114]
  • DreamWorks Animation adopted the use of Linux for their business since 2001, and uses more than 1,000 Linux desktops and more than 3,000 Linux servers.[115][116][117]
  • The Chicago Mercantile Exchange employs an all-Linux computing infrastructure and has used it to process over a quadrillion dollars worth of financial transactions[118][119]
  • The Chi-X pan-European equity exchange runs its MarketPrizm trading platform software on Linux.[119]
  • The London Stock Exchange uses the Linux-based MillenniumIT Millennium Exchange software for its trading platform and predicts that moving to Linux from Windows will give it an annual cost savings of at least £10 million ($14.7 million) from 2011–12.[120][121]
  • The New York Stock Exchange uses Linux to run its trading applications.[119]
  • Mobexpert Group, the leading furniture manufacturer and retailer in Romania, extensively uses GNU/Linux, LibreOffice and other Free Software in its data communications and processing systems, including some desktops.[122]
  • American electronic music composer Kim Cascone migrated from Apple Mac to Ubuntu Linux for his business music studio, performance use and administration in 2009.[123]
  • Laughing Boy Records under the direction of owner Geoff Beasley switched from doing audio recording on Windows to Linux in 2004 as a result of Windows spyware problems.[124]
  • Nav Canada's new Internet Flight Planning System for roll-out in 2011, is written in Python and runs on Red Hat Linux.[125]
  • Electrolux Frigidaire Infinity i-kitchen is a "smart appliance" refrigerator that uses a Linux operating system, running on an embedded 400 MHz Freescale i.MX25 processor with 128 MB of RAM and a 480×800 touch panel.[126]
  • DukeJets LLC (USA) and Duke Jets Ltd. (Canada), air charter brokerage companies, switched from Windows to Ubuntu Linux in 2012.[127]
  • Banco do Brasil of Brazil, the biggest bank in that country, has moved nearly all desktops to Linux, except some corporate ones and a few that are need to operate some specific hardware. They began migration of their servers to Linux in 2002. Branch servers and ATMs all run Linux. The distribution of choice is OpenSuse 11.2.[128][129]
  • KLM, the Royal Aviation Company of the Netherlands, uses Linux on the OSS-based version of its KLM WebFarm.[130]
  • Ocado, the online supermarket, uses Linux in its data centres.[131]
  • Kazi Farms Group, a large poultry and food company in Bangladesh, migrated 650 computers to Linux.[132]
  • Zando Computer, an IT consulting company located in Bucharest, Romania uses GNU/Linux for its business needs (server and desktop). The company recommends to its clients and actively deploys GNU/Linux, LibreOffice (OpenDocument format solutions) and other categories of Free Software.[133]
  • Nvidia, at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made his extensive presentations using Ubuntu Linux.[134]

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