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Embracing Linux - An Open Source Solution!

Category: Linux Published: Tuesday, January 03 2012 Written by Joomla

Embracing Linux? Change is good!  Especially when it's moving away from a dependency on commercial software and operating systems that force change on businesses and create more stress, more problems, more expense, and more time wasted.

Today, even Microsoft ® is embracing Linux and moving to Open Source status with it's .NET platform.  Oracle embraced Linux decades ago!

It is time your company to move forward by making the change to Linux and Open Source solutions. Proven solutions that are not only successful for your business, but also reduce maintenance and improve productivity with less workstation and server issues.

What is Linux?


Linux is free and open source, so embracing Linux is easy! You can add it to a computer or laptop you already own - or a machine you've built - without incurring any cost. The system also includes available software, which includes a web browser, media player, image editor and office suite, so there is no need to buy additional software to work on photos or documents. Also, you get all future updates for free as well.

In addition, Linux offers much stronger malware protection than any competitor. Strong enough, in fact, that by embracing Linux, you may not need to run an antivirus program. Linux is built with security in mind! As an example, the OS only works with trusted software. Plus, very few malware programs target the linux system, so for hackers, it's just not worth the effort. Although Linux isn't completely invulnerable, the average home user, working with only approved apps, need not worry about security. Corporate workstations may wish to add free anti-virus and anti-malware programs for added protection.

 By embracing Linux, the operating system also requires fewer hardware resources than the more data-heavy Windows or mac OS. Linux distros have fewer components than their more famous competitors, and Linux developers have specifically written some, such Puppy Linux and Linux Lite, to be as lightweight as possible. That makes Linux a particularly good choice for those who own older computers. If your ancient laptop is crawling under the strain of a corporate operating system, install Linux and the machine should speed up. No need to remove your old OS, unless you want to do so.

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